Bailey Walker, President

Bailey Walker, a Chickasaw Citizen, Director of Tribal Relations for Tribal Diagnostics LLC, was re-elected as the President for an unprecedented fourth term!

“It is an honor to serve alongside these elected AICCO Board members for 2021 and congratulate each of them on their re-elections.”
I would like to thank the Board and our membership for the support during this unpredictable year. To be selected to represent the AICCOk as State President is overwhelmingly heartfelt. Thank you!
The mission of We, Our, and Us, is as strong as ever today and more prevalent with the uncertainty upon us with the pandemic. However, we shall remain committed to the future and not allow this pandemic to subvert our goals in life, family, friendship and business. We are All Nations, One Mission!

Rae Young, Appointed Coordinator

As appointed Coordinator, I am very pleased with the results of this year’s election. I’ve had the overwhelming honor of working together with this board and President Bailey Walker in 2020 and I can rest assured that our organization continues to remain in good hands who work together and share a vision. After working very closely with President Bailey Walker these last few months, I have no doubt that AICCO will not only withstand the current economic and pandemic situation but will continue to prosper under his leadership. Together with our members I know we can accomplish great things for Indian Country in 2021.

Catherine J Graddy, Vice President

Catherine J Graddy, attorney at Joyce & Graddy, PLLC, and Cherokee citizen was elected as Vice President.

I am honored to have been re-elected VP of the AICCO state board. The board’s most important work is to facilitate the growth of native-owned businesses within Indian country. Having had the privilege to serve with the board for the past few years I have no doubt that under the leadership of president Bailey Walker, and with the dedication of the board and AICCO members, we will continue to expand our reach and further our mission. I am excited to continue working with this organization and to help it achieve our goals.

Felecia Freeman, Secretary of State

Felecia Freeman, a Citizen Potawatomi tribal member, a commercial loan officer and a certified credit counselor for the Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation, was elected as Secretary.

Russell Tucker, State Treasurer

Russell Tucker, MEMCO Safety and M & M Poultry sales representative, and Choctaw Nation citizen was re-elected as Treasurer.