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TCM Acupuncture & Health Clinic

Tamara Hall
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TCM Acupuncture & Health Clinic
3958 South Hudson

My name is Dr. Tamara Hall, DAcOM, MAcOM. I am the attending physician at TCM Acupuncture & Health Clinic, which offers Integrative Health Care, including Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine modalities. The clinic provides non-emergency alternative medical care, with our values include being completely transparent with our patients in their treatment, providing exceptional healthcare that is safe and effective.

One of the main questions I am asked is, what can acupuncture and oriental medicine treat? My response is, if it is an emergency, then visit the ER, anything else, schedule a free consultation, and let’s talk.

TCM Acupuncture & Health Clinic offers discounts on treatments purchased in multiple sessions. We do this because we know that treatments are most effective when they are received frequently and regularly. It has a cumulative effect on the body, and multiple treatments are typically needed to make progress on most types of health problems—frequent treatment yields faster and more significant therapeutic results. Our goal is to increase your sense of wellness and vitality and help you reach your health goals more effectively.
It is that sense of community that I want to convey within my practice.
Our purpose is to support, educate, and empower anyone looking to have us a partner in their healing journey and to bridge the gap between Modern Conventional Medicine and the unparalleled ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.