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1.) Select a green button below and fill out the form to create your online member profile and join AICCO today! Online Member Profile – This enters you into our AICCO database.

2) PAYMENT: You can pay directly online via the form, or select pay by check. Only paid members appear in the online directory. If you select ‘pay by check’ your account will remain in pending status until payment is received. If your organization requires an invoice, email us at after you’ve created your online member profile.

If you are an existing member needing to renew, see section below labeled “RENEWING AICCO MEMBERS” 

AICCO Member Voting Rights

1) Each Native membership gets 1 vote.
2) Each native member may add an ‘Extra CDIB Voting’ to their existing membership to gain an additional native vote.
3) For Non-native memberships, there are no voting privileges
4) Elections: To cast a native vote, you must attend in person.
To vote in an annual election with the State Board, native members must be a current native member of AICCO in good standing 30 days prior to event. All native voting members can participate, regardless of chapter designation.
To vote in an annual Chapter election, one must be a current AICCO native member, who is apart of that chapter,  in good standing 30 days prior to event. Native members may NOT vote in chapter elections if they are not apart of that chapter. To check the chapter designation for your membership, login to your profile.

Renewing AICCO Members!

1.) In the menu, Click “Log In”.

2) Once you’ve logged into your online member profile, you will see a renew button. From there, pay you membership and you’re good to go for another 12 months from date of purchase!

3) You can pay directly online, or select pay by check. However, if you select ‘pay by check’ your account will remain in ‘past due’ status until payment is received, and you will not be listed in the online directory until check is received. If your organization requires an invoice, email us at

If you are wanting to create a profile and join AICCO, see section above labeled “New Members, Join AICCO!” 

Invoices & Checks

Invoices: If your organization requires an invoice, please send an email to You can also see a payment history on your user profile. To view, log into your account via the menu.

Pay by Check: To mail a check, please make checks payable to The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma and send to: AICCO P.O. Box 42374 Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Online Membership Profile Benefits

  • Online Member Profile – This enters you into our AICCO database. To join or renew your membership, you MUST create an online profile. To create a profile, click one of the green buttons above, with the membership of your choice.
  • Access to Payment History
  • “Special Member-only” perks. Download your exclusive AICCO 2020 Membership badge to display on your website.
  • Member-only Discounts to fellow members.
  • Keep your profile current! This helps us list you correctly in our annual printed AICCO Membership Directory, plus so much more!

Note: All accounts will go through a short approval process prior to becoming active. You must be a current paid AICCO Member to create an account. Visit, and visit our Membership page to renew membership or Join AICCO!

Why Join?

All Nations. One Mission.

We invite you to “Come Grow With Us” this year as we continue to expand our programs, re-invigorate our local chapters, and provide more benefits to our members.  Our goal is to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ENGAGE the Native American business community.  We look forward to having you join us as we make a difference in Indian Country! We are dedicated to working with all members of the community to advance the educational and economic opportunities for Native Americans throughout Oklahoma.

We promote the education, training and cultural understanding of our AICCO members and partners through access to economic development programs, services and resources.

Benefits of Membership

  • NEW Online Member Account! Always ensure your account information and Directory listing (online & print) are updated, view purchase history, membership status, renewal dates and gain access to exclusive Membership downloads, pricing, and more!
  • Exclusive Business Referrals, Discounts and Promotion: Chamber refers only to Chamber Members. To offer fellow AICCO Members a Member-Discount, email To promote your business event or opportunity, fill out the form on the homepage.
  • Business Member Directory: Create your online profile and get listed in our online directory here and our annual printed Business Member Directory (business members only). 
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Promote your business! Sponsor opportunities at all Chapter luncheons/mixers, The Annual Gathering Business Summit, Annual Leadership Native Oklahoma, AICCO Email Sponsorship and more.
  • Business Highlight & Networking Opportunities: Exposure and Name Recognition throughout Oklahoma Indian Country
  • Tribal Resources: Assistance in developing or promoting your business to the Native American community. Gain access to tribal leaders, resources for growing your business, and more.
  • Promote your Event: Publishing your events, recent business awards, or any other business news to the AICCO website and/or Monthly e-Newsletter
  • Monthly Chapter Luncheons/Mixers: Monthly Networking opportunities at Chamber luncheons, meetings, and other events. 
  • Early-Bird Rates: Discounted rates on registration to the Annual Business Summit “The Gathering”
  • AICCO Email Sponsorship: Advertising opportunities on our website and monthly newsletter
  • Procurement: Check out our Procurement tab for access to tribal RFP’s, Job opportunities, Tribal Vendor Program Links and more!

AICCO Email Sponsorship

Interested in having your logo on the AICCO emails?  The cost is only $100 for a full year.  Exclusive for members only. Not only will you have your logo on all out outgoing AICCO email blasts, but it will be clickable to your respected websites! Email sponsors are limited to 15 slots per year.

AICCO Member Discount Program

As a participant in the AICCO’s discount program, you are provided this special avenue for you to offer member and employee discounts.

AICCO discounts can be a great value to the consumers, and we hope this opportunity will increase business for you as well. These discounts can be offered in a variety of ways. Below are some ideas to consider:
• Provide a % off discount that is specialized to AICCO members and their employees
• Provide special pricing on specific services or items
• Provide seasonal offers that are specialized to AICCO members and employees

These discount programs can be validated by either requiring a valid email address, using the employee badge, the Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) or by providing the AICCO with special offer codes.

There is no obligation to participate in this discount offering. If you would like to participate, please contact AICCO by phone at 918-624-9382 or by email to discuss the next steps and the specifics around the offering.

AICCO Annual Business Printed Member Directory 2022 | Ad Placement

Hello! These are your ad spec options. This is for placement only. Members are responsible for providing ad artwork to

1/2 Page Vertical Ad

4.25″ W x 5.5″ H, Plus .25″ Bleed, $275 to place. Email artwork to


Full Page Horizontal Ad

8.5″ W x 5.5″ H, Plus .25″ Bleed, $500 to place. Email artwork to


2-Page Horizontal Spread Ad

17″ W x 5.5″ H, Plus .25″ Bleed, $950 to place. Email artwork to


Please keep all info, logos and type .25″ from ad trim edges.

To place an ad in our 2022 Business Member directory, email to find out more!

AICCO Bylaws